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Какое наслаждение впервые после зимы выйти на улицу в летнем безрукавом платье!
It's such a delight to wear a sleeveless summer dress for the first time after winter!

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When visiting some friends found a salvia bush that was abuzz with bumble-bees. And a good thing - it's autumn so they've slowed down now!


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I have had such a wonderful photo-weekend! (Unfortunately was unable to process all those pics I took for several days - didn't have time) First - my bumble-bee were very obliging and posed for various photos while the flowers were standing still (may be something to do with absence of wind too)


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Ну и вдогонку - картинку добавлю.


This summer I wanted to get a perfect picture of a bumble-bee, using my all-purpose Canon EF-S 18-200. There is a big bottlebrush tree growing in my back yard and since it was buzzing with all kinds of bees I decided make it my bee-studio. After many hours spent behind camera chasing bees I found that a) bumbles are much harder to photograph than ordinary bee or wasps because they buzz-move much more than the others; b) bumbles on a bottlebrush flower are much harder to photograph than on some other flowers with sturdier petals and/or centrally located multiple florets where a bumble-bee doesn't have to dive deep to get its nectar.

So I'm still dreaming of that perfect photo! (and a macro-lens)
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I'm lucky, I can postpone making New Year resolutions, have another think and an extra deliberation - and still feel as if it's true and proper - and it is!

This is the start of MY new year and the promise I make to myself - I will post at least two posts a week in my LG, or rather post at least two photos a week. The inspiration came after reading an article in Australian Photographic Society magazine by Phil Deschamp about "photographer's block", I should contact him and thank him for that. True, he made a resolution to post a photo a day, I am not so brave and besides life keeps getting in the way, but still - I think I can manage two photos a week and maybe a third from the older archives...

So here is one of my favourite photos at the moment. Appropriately called "So bee it!"

So bee it!


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